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Making Renewables Dispatchable



We are StorVolt Energy, a company dedicated to helping reform  Australia's energy sector.


Australia possesses abundant minerals and an exceptional wind and solar resource. At StorVolt, we believe that harnessing these resources while minimising our carbon footprint is the key to a sustainable and prosperous future

We do this, by developing utility-scale energy storage projects, that bridge the gap between low-cost intermittent renewable energy generation and steady-state power demand. Our distributed energy storage solutions provide 5-20MW capacity, storing energy from minutes to days.

Led by three experienced executives, each with a proven track record in global energy sector projects, totalling over 20GW in renewable and conventional power brought online, StorVolt Energy combines global expertise and vision with local knowledge and presence.


Join us on our mission to help reshape Australia's energy landscape, promote sustainability, and create a cleaner, more prosperous and sustainable future. Power the change with StorVolt.


Our Services

Expertise. Experience. Global Network

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Site Identification

Storage projects have the most value in places where the grid needs support – places with high levels of renewable penetration, constrained or outdated infrastructure, or anticipated capacity deficits.
With our partners, we have the ability to screen every node in Australia for the most promising storage locations.

Project Feasibility

Once a location has been selected, we configure and optimise a project based on, inter alia, grid parameters, technical, environmental and permitting constraints and analyse it for financial viability.

The outcome of this process may be a project that has the capacity to store 5MW for 2 hours, to provide voltage and frequency support services, or 20MW for 10 hours with the main objective being energy shifting, or a combination thereof.

The project may then be configured as a stand-alone storage project near a substation, or co-located with a generating asset, sharing the grid interconnect.

Grid and Permitting

Following on from (pre-) feasibility, the project enters its development phase, including

  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

  • Community liaison work

  • Grid interconnect studies and agreement

  • Municipal and other permits

  • Contracting


With permits and grid interconnect agreement in place, the project is now Ready-to-Build and will go into the financing stage

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Reference Projects

Sample list of projects in which the team has or had a significant or lead role


Solar PV, Caribbean

Ongoing development of a 250MW Solar PV and Energy Storage project in the Caribbean. 


Badgingarra Wind, Western Australia

Feasibility study, landholder agreements, EPBC and site approvals for the 130MW, 37 turbine, Badgingarra project.  The project generates 500-550GWh per annum, enough to supply over 100,000 WA households with 100% renewable energy. 


Kipeto Wind, Kenya

The 100MW Kipeto project is a project co-developed by a consortium comprising a local developer, the IFC/World Bank and GE Energy, with support from and participation by the local community. The project was commissioned in 2020 with a capacity factor in excess of 50%.

Engineers at work.jpeg

Wandoan IGCC, Australia

Wandoan was a proposed 400MW Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) project promoted by GE Energy, an Oil& Gas major, a local utility and a global mining major. An IGCC plant captures CO2 pre-combustion for subsequent underground storage. Following an 18 month pre-feasibility study the project was shelved on account of regulatory uncertainty.

Ottana CO2 Battery.jpeg

Ottana, Italy

Ottana is a 2.5MW / 4MWh Longer Duration Energy Storage (LDES) project that stores energy by liquifying CO2 using all proven off-the-shelf equipment. This 'CO2 Battery' energy storage technology is developed by Energy Dome and now ready to be deployed at scale in Australia.



"Aside from skills in originating and structuring viable projects, I also appreciate his creativity and tenacity in seeing projects through to their conclusion."

Chief Renewables Specialist,
IFC/World Bank

Washington DC


Our Team

75+ years of combined experience and expertise in the field

Derek mugshot.jpeg

Derek Hannigan


Derek Hannigan is a versatile and values-driven executive leader with extensive experience in strategy, commercial, and business development across renewable and conventional power and resources sectors. With engineering and business degrees, Derek has a record of delivering successful outcomes within companies such as Stanwell Corporation and Arrow Energy. He is known for being creative and curious and for building long-term relationships based on trust and a strong commitment to delivering results. Derek excels in leading and integrating multi-disciplinary teams, allowing him to effectively develop investable projects and complete complex commercial transactions. His expertise in front-end project management and strategic integration enables him to align stakeholders and drive successful outcomes. Clients now rely on Derek Hannigan's dynamic leadership to help navigate the energy transition.


Rembrandt Niessen

Rembrandt is a renewable energy pioneer and entrepreneur but equally made his mark in the corporate environment. He started in wind energy in 1993 when he founded NEDPOWER and saw his first project going into construction in India in 1998. He joined GE Energy in 2003 where, following stints in London, Singapore and the US, he was appointed as global leader of the Project Development team and later as a Managing Director at GE Capital in London. With this team he undertook early solar development work in the US and Europe and managed 10GW of wind and gas-fired projects through the development cycle that ultimately progressed to construction across Europe, Asia, North and South America as well as Africa. After leaving GE, he took interim leadership roles as Chief Commercial Officer at a disruptive energy storage start-up after first having filled that same role in a marine energy company. In addition to being a Director at StorVolt, Rembrandt is the Managing Partner at Oxford Energy, a project development advisory boutique that counts a leading Australian investment bank among its clients.

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Phil is an accomplished executive with 28+ years of experience in power generation, renewables, oil and gas, and utility infrastructure. With a strong background in engineering and business, he excels in leading multi-disciplinary teams and specializes in developing projects in emerging sectors like hydrogen, carbon, renewable fuels, and battery storage. Phil has held significant roles at major corporations such as General Electric and Baker Hughes, gaining diverse expertise. Phil's focus lies in the commercial aspects of energy projects. He possesses in-depth knowledge of project development, joint ventures, project governance systems, and effective joint venture management. His expertise in commercial advisory consulting, M&A transactions, and project finance has yielded outcomes for numerous prominent organisations. With a pragmatic approach and a keen eye for tangible results, Phil brings a valuable perspective to the table. His ability to navigate complex markets and deliver exceptional value makes him a sought-after leader in the industry.

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